About Emerald Coast Disposal, LLC

Emerald Coast Disposal, LLC (Emerald) is a full service solid waste management company. Emerald has operations in Texas and Alabama with the Corporate Offices located in Destin, FL. Emerald is a sister company to both Inland Service Corporation, LLC and the Gulf Shores Landfill, LLC. Collectively the Company has over 50 years of solid waste management experience.

Emerald Coast Disposal, LLC specializes in Municipal Contracts, Residential, Commercial and Roll Off collection services along with Landfill and Transfer Station Operations. The combined companies have operations in Fort Hood, TX, Gulf Shores, AL and Destin, FL.

The Fort Hood, TX location handles all solid waste and recycling collection services for Fort Hood. The collection services include all of the on Post residential housing, on Post Commercial Container collection and Roll Off services. The Company also handles the construction, operation and closure of the Fort Hood Landfill along with the operations of the composting facility. The Company has provided solid waste management services to Fort Hood since 1964.

The Gulf Shores, AL locations has a Company landfill and collection services. It is the only privately owned landfill in Baldwin County, AL. The company services all of Baldwin County, AL. The Destin, FL location is where the corporate offices are located. The Company handles all administrative and human resources out of this location. It is also home to the owner and founder of Emerald Coast Disposal, LLC.

Emerald Coast Disposal, LLC is owned and operated by industry veteran Bart Begley. Mr. Begley has more than Thirty years of experience in the waste industry with eighteen years of senior management experience. Mr. Begley is the owner of Emerald Coast Disposal, LLC and its affiliated companies since 2012. Prior to Emerald, Mr. Begley was Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Emerald Waste Services, LLC based in Freeport, Florida. Emerald was a fully-integrated solid waste management business with assets in excess of $125 million that served customers in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Mr. Begley is a graduate of East Tennessee State University.